Art of the Week – Reindeer

This was Tad’s last art class of the month (boo).  I guess it’s just easier to take off the same vacation time as the school district.

Anyway, the lesson was about proportions and highlights.  So they drew a reindeer in charcoal.

Tad's reindeer

His teacher told me that Tad was a little upset that they weren’t “coloring” the reindeer.  Doesn’t surprise me – he knows reindeer are supposed to be brown-ish.

Tad with the reindeer

So I’m proud of him for being able to follow the point of the lesson (learning to highlight and creating the right proportions on the reindeer), and then for really going at it and adding the ornaments on the antlers. (And highlighting them.)

As we were leaving art class, Tad told me “someday, I will be an artist, and have my own museum, and people will come and look at my art.”

I told him that technically is called an art gallery.  Although maybe it would be a museum.  Because goodness knows Tad can’t bear to part with his art.

One Response to “Art of the Week – Reindeer”

  1. Linda
    December 13th, 2016 08:17

    I will happily buy the first Show ticket! Talented, you are, Tad! Hugs!