Swim Party!

We always enjoy getting to celebrate Tad’s best friend Danny’s birthday.  The last several years, it’s been a swimming party, and the last two have been held at the Snohomish Aquatic Center – which is huge and has lots of things to do (like an entire playground in the wading pool).

The Webmaster got in the pool with the kids this year (I’ve done it for the last several years), but Ane was a HUGE help when it came to helping Thumper “swim.”  He loves water, and the wading/play area is great, but he loved going around and around in the Lazy River, too.

Ane and Thumper

The water at the pool was not nearly as warm as the water at our regular pool.  Poor Thumper came out shivering multiple times, would dry off and warm up, and then demand to go back in.  By the end of the party, I found Tad chilling out in the hot tub.

Tad in the hot tub

He now wants a hot tub of his own.

And Rerun’s swimming skills have greatly improved in a year, but he still feels ambitious beyond his skill set.  He discovered that wearing a life vest would give him the floatation he needed to go into deeper parts of the pool.

Rerun in the life vest

Goofy kid.

They all slept well last night!

One Response to “Swim Party!”

  1. Nana
    January 9th, 2017 10:17

    So happy you have these swim opportunities! My water aerobics class has started, while I’m waiting for the Tilton river to warm up (in July).