Movie Time!

Yes, Tad loved The LEGO Batman Movie.

Boys at the movie!

Rerun liked it, too, but I can tell he will get sick of his brother living and breathing it.

They had a whole evening out with the Webmaster, including dinner out at Red Robin (where, according to the Webmaster, the boys immediately pelted the unsuspecting waitress with their orders the second she walked up to the table), and then they went and saw the movie.  (Full stomachs were not asking for overpriced concessions, ha ha ha.)

Thumper and I stayed home (Ane was away at youth group winter camp) and watched Star Wars.  I will probably take Tad to see the movie again during midwinter break next week.

So yes, the movie earned two thumbs up from the boys!  (And the Webmaster enjoyed it, too.)

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