CanDo 5K!

Another 5K is in the books, and this time the Webmaster and Ane were joined by Auntie and JW at this one!  This was the local CanDo 5K, so it seemed like half the city was running along with them.

Group shot!

Ane achieved another personal best of 30:36 (shaving 10 seconds off her time from three weeks earlier – she also placed 21st of 94 in her age bracket), but Auntie and JW both were under 30 minutes.  However, John smoked everyone of our acquaintances who were running the race by doing it in 23-something minutes.  Oh, to have 11 year old legs.  Danny ran with his mom and dad, and Tad greeted him at the finish line.

Danny and Tad at the finish line

The Webmaster made it across in a very respectable 44:32, considering he was power walking the course.

The Webmaster and Ane

We saw (or saw pictures on Facebook later) many familiar and friendly faces at this race, including two of Tad’s former teachers and one of Rerun’s former paras.  This was the first race that the boys and I have attended as spectators.  While I don’t think Tad has any desire to join in, Rerun might want to do a kids dash before too long.  He was definitely enjoying the spectacle!  Thumper gave up right after the race started, and had his nose in the iPod for most of the morning.  Still, the experience was a good one!

Ane has another 5K in just two weeks, and she’s hoping to crack that 30 minute mark!

One Response to “CanDo 5K!”

  1. Nana
    May 8th, 2017 06:22

    Love you guys. Would like to see you go over the finish line someday.