Flashback Friday

Facebook is not helping when I see pictures like this popping up in the “On This Day” memories section:

I miss that little baby so much!  I love my preschooler, but he was the sweetest baby.

Which brings up this conversation between myself and Tad this week, as we were walking to the car…

Tad: “Why do you call Thumper ‘Babykins’?”

Me: “Because he’s my last baby, so I call him that sometimes!”

Tad: “Why is he the last baby?”

Me: “Don’t you think the four of you are enough for me to handle? (jokingly) I’m getting too old for this!”

Tad: (nods sagely) “Like Abraham and Sarah were too old to have kids.”

Me: (stops dead in tracks) “No, NOT like that!”

Happy weekend, everyone!

One Response to “Flashback Friday”

  1. Linda
    May 19th, 2017 11:24

    Priceless! Glad it is you having this discussion!hugs, Sarah!