Do You Wanna Build A Christmas Snowman?

When Tad said it was snowing on Christmas Eve, none of us (we were at Grandma and Gichan’s house for our annual Christmas Eve dinner of pizza, so when I say “us,” there were a lot of “us”) believed him until we looked out the window.

And then the freakout began, because it was actually STICKING.

By Christmas morning, we had a soft few inches of wet snow coating the outside world.

The kids were thrilled.  Ane, of course, vividly remembers the last white Christmas we had, but Tad was too young, and it was before either Rerun or Thumper were born.  But of course, they can just be excited.  They don’t have to drive in it.

Once we were dressed and out the door, we drove very carefully over to Grandma and Gichan’s, and stuck to the main roads as much as possible.  And they had even more snow than we did!

When brunch and presents were over, Auntie rounded up the kids and got them (and JW) outside in the snow.  Thumper stayed indoors, but all the other kids went out.  Why we didn’t bring actual snow gear, I don’t know.  (Ane ended up borrowing stuff from Auntie, and Rerun borrowed a hat.  Fortunately, everyone had gotten new mittens/gloves in their stockings for Christmas!)

Auntie and Ane teamed up to build a big snowman together.

Rerun was content to build his own smaller snowman.  And he insisted on it wearing his wet mittens.

Tad built his own snowman as well.

And while the older boys needed a change of pants (good thing everyone got new jeans for Christmas, too), Thumper wisely stayed inside, warm and cozy, showing Obachan how to play on the iPad.

Still, enough snow to build snowmen on Christmas Day is definitely one for the memory books!

One Response to “Do You Wanna Build A Christmas Snowman?”

  1. Linda
    December 29th, 2017 08:21

    Happy Memories!
    Obachan, we love you!