Heat Wave

We’re not as bad off as some parts of the country, but it’s still plenty warm around here this week.¬† This would be the perfect time to paint the outside of the house, but…

  1. We need to pressure wash the exterior again (it’s been a year since we slathered on the primer)
  2. The contractors aren’t quite finished with the exterior caulking around the new windows, and
  3. The Webmaster apparently cannot take any time off work at the moment.

So, unable to get to our major project that we were hoping to accomplish in the warm weather, we are waiting for the vinyl floor that we chose to show up (later this week?) to be put down on the floor in the laundry/mudroom and hallway, so that the contractors can finish up that part of the project.

They dropped off some subflooring yesterday, and will spend today prepping a new surface for the vinyl… which is good because the current subfloor is coated with drywall dust and mud splotches.¬† Someday, I will be able to walk through there without tracking dusty white footprints through the rest of the house.

Meanwhile, I will be stocking the cooler outside with sweet teas and sports drinks for the contractors, because WOW, it is hot.

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