BFF Time

It has been six years since Lisa and her family moved away, and the girls have grown from this…

… to this.

While Ane didn’t know that Lisa was showing up, Lisa didn’t know that we had bought tickets for the Mariners game, so that was her “surprise” in all of this.  Ane was initially stunned because she had no idea that I had bought a ticket for Lisa, too.  Lisa’s mom Beth and I were very proud of our sneaky, sneaky surprises.

Saturday was Tad’s family party (more on that tomorrow), and Lisa and Ane just chilled out together, and had a good time (and were helpful in cleaning up our construction zone disaster of a house).  Sunday, we went to church in the morning, and then I took Lisa past her old house (which her parents now rent out) and her old elementary school (where Tad also went, and where the kids go to swimming lessons) before taking her to Trader Joe’s and buying all sorts of non-perishable treats that she could pack into her suitcase to take home.  Maui may be paradise, but there’s no Trader Joe’s there (Hawaii’s agricultural laws are extremely strict).

The communication between the girls when Lisa moved away was a little hard, because we would arrange Skype dates and while they would spend time chatting, sometimes they would run out of things to talk about.  Once each of them got a device that could text over the last couple of years, they were able to chat about everyday things without having to log into a device.  And now that they are old enough to travel on their own, and Ane has flown to Maui herself, they are eagerly making plans for “the next time.”  Because of course, there will be a next time.

Ane has many friends, and a few dear ones, but she and Lisa have worked hard to stay in touch, and the payoff is a friendship that I hope will last a long, long time.

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