Tad’s 13th Family Party

The birthday boy was very ready to be celebrated.

And boy, did he rake in some great presents!¬† Like a Bat-Signal for his room (when he gets his own new room)…

… and this very cool shark tooth dig kit.

He also scored some great new T-shirts.

And no birthday would be complete without a LEGO set.

Auntie made a delicious chocolate cake for him, covered in “galaxy” fondant (her homemade marshmallow fondant), and then placed Tad’s Doctor Who LEGO set on top.

Thirteen candles sure looks like a lot when they’re lit.

Tad approved of the whole party and the cake!

He said, “This has been the best birthday ever!”¬† He says that every year, but I know he does enjoy being the birthday boy!

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