Watching The Mud Dry

Yes, the remodel inches ever forward.

Yesterday, the drywallers put in another appearance.  We had yet another hole to patch up (made by the plumber, doing a fix), plus sanding and texturizing, plus some ceiling screws that needed fixing, plus all the finish work around the electrical panel…

So, let’s just say that there is some serious repainting to do around here.

Unfortunately, last week (aside from the plumber repair) was a wash because our contractor – and some of his work crew – were out sick.  Our contractor actually had the flu.

On the flip side of that, GET YOUR FLU SHOTS.  The Webmaster and I both got ours last Thursday, and the kids all had theirs at the pediatric flu shot clinic on Saturday.

In theory, the mud should be dry enough to paint today.  I’m tempted to crack the paint cans open and get to it myself.

If this takes too much longer, I just might.

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