Hotcake Heaven

We had quite a busy weekend!

We finally got Tad’s birthday pictures taken (two months later), with a trip down south to have Auntie’s dear friend JZ squeeze us in to her busy schedule.  We even dressed up a bit to have some family photos taken!  It’s been… um… five years since we did that.  Thumper was a baby.

Anyway, Nana and Papa met us there (since we were within a half hour drive of them), and we decided to go to McDonald’s for lunch together.  The Webmaster took everyone’s order on his phone’s notes, and then went up to the counter.  But when I saw the receipt, I said, “uh oh…”

Rerun had wanted hotcakes.  So I told the Webmaster to get the entree that has 3 hotcakes, no sausage patty.  The Webmaster wrote that down as “3 hotcakes” on his phone and… well, you can guess what happened next.

In Rerun’s mind, this was the BEST DAY EVER.

The Webmaster said, “I thought that sounded like too much for just hotcakes…”

Rerun ate six of the nine hotcakes.  Papa ate one, and Tad (the bottomless pit) ate the other two (along with two cheeseburgers, fries, and a root beer).  Nana and Papa were amazed as Rerun tore into those hotcakes.

“Never underestimate his love of carbs,” I said.  That boy loves pancakes/hotcakes more than any other meal.

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