Flashback Friday

It’s that time… you know it’s coming…

Old Halloween pictures!!!

I’m only going back through our family group costumes of the last few years.  To see some other cute costumes of years past, you can look here and here.

Here we have 2015, which was the first year we went all out on a family theme: Guardians of the Galaxy.

That was one of the few pictures we got with Thumper in his Groot mask.  He still won’t wear a mask for more than a single picture, so all of his costumes (for now) are maskless.

2016 was definitely the year where we showed off our nerd cred: Doctor Who.

The really scary part is that I recently unhemmed the suit that Tad is wearing.  He now fits into it without any need for hemming up the cuffs – and I must have taken the pants up at least 6 inches only two years ago!

Last year, Tad and Rerun prevailed over their sister so they could be their favorite superheroes of all time – Batman and Superman.  Which meant we had to be: The Justice League.

The Webmaster even cameoed as The Flash:

So, what will we be this year??  Just wait until next week….

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