The Weighted Blanket

Thumper is definitely the most sensory seeking of the boys.  His love of squeezes, tickles, and hugs are well known (not to mention his need to touch skin).  And he has always loved the weight of pillows.

Well, he started taking one of our large Japanese pillows to bed with him last week – to sleep under it.

At that point, I said to Grandma, “What does your weekend look like, because we really need to make him that weighted blanket we’ve been talking about.”

I had the poly beads already purchased, but I had to go buy fabric for Thumper.  I picked out a Peanuts flannel (though I seriously considered both a Star Wars flannel – it was too grey/black – and a Seattle Mariners flannel).  Grandma and I got started on Saturday afternoon, and it took hours to sew each row and fill each pocket with the right amount of poly beads.

HOURS.  It was bedtime when I left their house (and I had already sent the Webmaster home with the kids).

However,  by that time, all the beads were in their pockets, and all that was left to do was the border.  Grandma did that on her own, bless her.  The blanket weighs six pounds, is machine washable, and is large enough for Thumper to use for a long time.

Grandma and Gichan brought it over on Sunday afternoon, and as soon as it was on Thumper’s lap, he was the happiest camper.

And he was ready to be all tucked in at bedtime.

I’m hoping this satisfies his sensory needs, and that his brothers don’t steal it.  Rerun was eying it quite longingly.  He’s next up for one, and I have the fabric already purchased.

One Response to “The Weighted Blanket”

  1. Denise Need
    October 29th, 2018 20:51

    Well done! I want one, too, and I’m (probably) not on the spectrum. I love weighted covers. Thanks for sharing how to do it!