Art of the Week – Mike Is Finished!

Look at this guy!  It really does look like Mike Wazowski!

This is how Mike looked at the end of last week, but I couldn’t get a picture of him because he was drying in the oven.  So Tad made sure I got a “before” picture… before Mike got a paint job.  He also needed a base, which Teacher M easily accommodated and helped Tad get made in time to take him home tonight.

And this was the end result!

Tad was really pleased with how Mike turned out.

And I am pleased that Tad took his time, and spent three weeks on this one project!  I feel like you can definitely see the result of time, patience, and not rushing through the work!

According to the Webmaster, the adult oils class next door (many of them know Tad) gave him some applause as he showed Mike off.

Tad is really enjoying his new art class, and I am very glad that we picked this one for him.

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