Nifty Nine

Dear Rerun,

Today is a day you have been looking forward to.  As you just told your sister last night, “You can’t stop time, Ane!”  Well, today is the proof of that.  You are nine years old today.  You have been eagerly counting down all week, and today is the day.  By the time you get home from school, you will have officially stepped over the threshold from eight to nine.

This year has had a lot of very high highs and its own unique rough patches.  Meds have been a great thing for you, but we are still tweaking a few things here and there – and hoping you don’t lose weight and that you get enough sleep.  You had another productive summer at camp.  You had probably the most successful start to the school year that you’ve ever had – thanks to your beloved Ms. Bess –  and now we have to make sure that you aren’t a victim of your own success.

And while we aren’t throwing the same wild and crazy party that we did last year, I feel pretty confident that having a pizza lunch for your class at school today will definitely earn you some social cred.

This year might be lower-key in the party department, but my love for you is not.  You are incredibly smart and endlessly funny.  You are stubborn and loving.  You possess great skills, and if we could just find a way for you to harness them properly, you would be unstoppable.  I know that right now, your end goal in life is to score as much computer or iPad time as possible, but I think you are capable of so much more than that, you clever monkey.

You brighten our lives and make us smile, even in your naughtiness (though we try not to show it).  Your Auntie even made you special cupcakes just because she loves you and wanted to celebrate early.

Happy 9th birthday, Rerun – you charming little rascal who loves Angry Birds, Plants Vs. Zombies, Legos, babies, funny animal videos, and parody music.  You are truly one-of-a-kind, and your Dad and I love you so very much.

All the hugs and love,

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