Tad At Swim Camp

So, Ane is a working girl now.  She has her very first job, working as a swim instructor for swim camp at the pool – the same pool that she used to take swimming lessons at, and where the boys still attend.  She’s on the payroll, has taxes deducted, the whole works.  And she’s only 15 and a half!

This week, Tad is attending swim camp while his sister is working.  Despite Ane’s initial misgivings (even though her boss reassured her that she wouldn’t be teaching her own brother), it sounds as if Tad is doing pretty well at swim camp!  There are some older kids attending as well, so that does help.

Many, many thanks to Gichan for his driving services.  Ane has officially finished driver’s ed, but can’t get her license until her birthday, which is still months away.  And since I am driving into Seattle every day for Rerun and Thumper, Gichan is Uber-ing the teenagers around – one to work, one to… well, work, I guess, because he is “working” at swim camp.

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