New Teachers, Old Teachers

Both Rerun and Thumper have had their teacher meet-and-greets.  And both have a combination of old and new teachers this year.

Thumper met his brand new teacher on Wednesday.  There are so many kids in Thumper’s grade (12!) that they have split his class into K-1 and 1-2 class in order to even out the numbers.  Mrs. S, who was Tad’s teacher before and Thumper’s teacher last year, is teaching the 1-2.  Thumper is assigned to the K-1, and has Miss H as his brand new teacher.  But, he gets two of the paras that he knows and loves from last year (and who know him well enough to lock their phones whenever he is around).  Ms. J and Ms. K know all of Thumper’s tricks – and they love him anyway.  However, in true small world fashion, Miss H graduated from the same high school as Auntie and JW, and JW was a groomsman in her brother’s wedding!  Honestly, all this means is that I am getting seriously OLD.

The Webmaster took Rerun to meet his new teacher, Mrs. R, today.  Rerun is going to be in a portable again this year (kind of a bummer), BUT he has his beloved para Ms. B to keep a close eye on him.  This will be Ms. B’s third year as Rerun’s one-on-one, and he adores her.  I know she has a deep affection for him, too – he’s such a charming little snot.  She’s seen him at his worst and at his best, medicated and unmedicated, and she is worth her weight in cookies.  We owe Ms. B SO MUCH.  With her at his back, Rerun will be just fine starting school.  The Webmaster came away with a favorable impression of Mrs. R, and I’m hoping to meet her myself soon.

All the supplies have been delivered, the teachers met – the only thing left to do is start school, right?

One Response to “New Teachers, Old Teachers”

  1. Nana
    September 13th, 2019 14:31

    Thanks so much for the school update about those two who are very dear to us. And with Mom & Dad at their backs also, Onward they go !!