Homecoming 2019

While we were celebrating my birthday at the baseball game, Ane was busy getting herself ready for the Homecoming dance!

Good thing Grandma was around to pick her up from work, take her to get her hair done, drop her off at a friend’s house to get ready, and then pick Ane and her friends up from the local teen hangout (the Ranch Drive-In, where they grabbed dinner) and dropped them off at the dance.

Ane looked fantastic in her dress, and the girls took pictures of each other outside at a local park.

They managed to get a few good ones before the light got away from them.

We got back early enough from the game that the Webmaster was able to do pick-ups after the dance (and took Ane’s friend KT home).¬† From what I’ve heard, the dance was a lot of fun, and the girls enjoyed themselves.¬† Hopefully no baseball games will conflict with the next dance plans.

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