Fall Sunshine At The Park

We arranged for a “playdate” (is it still a playdate when you’re 14?  I guess so) for Tad and a friend of his at a local park on Sunday afternoon.  Because it was such spectacular weather (and who knows how many more of these days we’ll have), I brought Rerun and Thumper along as well.  Tad’s friend has a younger sister who used to be in Rerun’s class, and they get along fairly well – well enough to play nicely together.

Which left Thumper, who has been working all summer long on figuring out how to push himself on his scooter.  I took it along to the park because I don’t want those skills to completely atrophy during the wet and chilly months ahead.

Thumper isn’t super speedy (which is a good thing for me), but he enjoyed the practice (hurray for three-wheeled scooters) and the fresh air and sunshine.  After scootering for a while, he joined the older kids on the playground and did a whole ton of climbing, proving yet again that his gross motor skills and his sense of balance are pretty on point for his age.

And then when bedtime rolled around, he promptly crashed.  Surprise!

*sigh*  I’m really going to miss the nice weather.

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