Tad’s First Shave

Tad is not a fan of long hair.  Whenever he feels his hair has gotten too long, he tells me “I’m too fluffy.”  We are at the point now that we just take him in, once every four weeks, for a haircut.  In order for him to play Stan Lee, though, we let his hair grow out a bit longer, which drove him nuts.  He got it cut two days after Halloween.

And then Tad decided that the dark fluff (which wasn’t very plentiful) needed to go, too.  So he took care of that.  In the shower, with my razor.

I noticed it later that evening, and let’s just say that the end result was… patchy.

This became a “where is your father?” moment, and the Webmaster then took over.  He found an appropriate safety razor, and introduced Tad to the concept of SHAVING CREAM.

Fortunately, there was no harm done with the first shave, and the second (proper) one cleaned everything up.

Tad might need to shave again in another month.  Maybe.

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