Flashback Friday

My Facebook memories kindly informed me that it has been EIGHT YEARS since I had my gallbladder removed.

Ah, fun times.  Actually, the pain that triggered the whole thing was just incredibly bad.  Once I knew what was going on, I could at least avoid triggering another attack.  And then recovering from surgery was tough.  I felt like I bounced back from giving birth much faster than having my gallbladder out.  But everyone was so helpful, and my mom was around (it was midwinter break then, too) to help watch the kids.

And yes, that’s Tad that is reading to Grandma.  All the boys have moments where they look eerily alike.

Rerun wasn’t quite two years old yet, and I couldn’t pick him up for over a week after surgery.  That was hard.

But we all survived, and aside from occasional gastrointestinal issues, I can safely say that the surgery was for the best.

I still can’t believe it’s been 8 years, though.

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