Last Gasp Of Vacation

Well, the kids are back in school today, but fortunately the nice weather lasted all week.  And I made the boys play outside every single day, so that was a win for me.

An even bigger win – I convinced Ane to also go play outside!  Will miracles never cease?

Note to self: it is time to move Thumper off the trike and on to something… bigger.  Where his knees don’t hit the handlebars while pedaling.

Second note to self: teach Rerun how to ride a bike without training wheels.  He’s fast on the scooter, but needs the additional challenge.

Now, we HAVE the bicycles that the younger boys can ride… we just need to pull them out of the shed, size them up, and then set them free.  Not that hard, right???

Oh look, it’s raining again.  Never mind.

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