Birthday Lunch

With all that is going on with coronavirus (more on that tomorrow), we opted to stay home from church on Sunday – which was Rerun’s birthday – in the morning and watch online.  Well, the boys and I did – the Webmaster was running sound (without his help, no online service) and Ane was in one of the few nursery rooms that were open.

Plus it was the first morning of Daylight Savings, so sleeping in a little was a good idea.

So, once everyone was home, we piled into the car and met Auntie, JW, Grandma, and Gichan at our traditional birthday place, Red Robin!  Where Rerun got a couple of gifts – one from Auntie and JW:

And one from Mom and Dad:

The kids ate their weight in fries, and Thumper, with no shame at all, stole JW’s campfire sauce from right in front of him.  Thumper is a campfire sauce addict.  But Rerun was one happy camper.

And then it was time for the birthday sundae and to sing!

And then Rerun promptly handed the sundae to Tad to eat, because Rerun very rarely eats ice cream, and Auntie had promised him the cookie of his choice at the Barnes & Noble Cafe just across the parking lot.  Once we were all done eating, we wandered over to the bookstore, where Rerun picked out a book for himself, ate his cookie, and enjoyed his birthday – even though school is closed down and online school was going to be starting the next day.

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