October 4, 2018

Bye, POD – And We’re Approved!


So long, and thanks for all the fish, POD.

We emptied it out last night (and when I say “we,” I mean me, the Webmaster, Gichan, and a little help from Tad) into the house and the shed.  The house and shed are both currently a mess, but the POD was empty.  And then it got picked up this morning.

Ohhh, the lawn.  We’ll need to do some mowing and seeding.

Anyway, in addition to the POD taking off, THIS HAPPENED:

The electrical inspector came, and WE PASSED INSPECTION!!!

We can officially move in!  Eventually.  We still have some work to do – like put the door back on the hinges and put up some blinds.

Still, that was the last major hurdle to pass!  YAAAAAY!!!

October 3, 2018

Construction Update


Are we done yet?  No.

Are things moving quickly?  Not really.

Did something finally get done yesterday?  Yes.

Now you see it…

… now you don’t.  Sort of.

The contractor had to re-frame our electrical breaker panel after everyone realized that it wasn’t going to pass inspection.  Oops.  So it got re-done, but that required cutting into the drywall and then re-mudding and texturing the whole thing.

It all got primed and repainted yesterday.

My goal is to find a nice big picture to hang over the breaker panel so we don’t have to look at it all the time, but it will still be quickly accessible when necessary.

October 2, 2018

Our Last Game of 2018


Saturday, the Mariners hosted their annual “Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Day.”  The only reason we know this is because the Webmaster bought tickets off a former co-worker… and they were season tickets.  (We think he got them from his current place of employment and then couldn’t use them.)

Suddenly, the Webmaster and I are DEEPLY interested in becoming season ticket holders, because… dang.  They do treat you right.

Not that we would get THESE seats, but still.

When we entered the park, we were handed scratch tickets for a free concession item and a discount of some kind at the team store.  AND we also got complimentary drink cups that were for free soda and refills.  As a result, we only bought burgers for ourselves, because we won garlic fries and ice cream from the tickets.  We also went shopping at the team store (along with EVERY OTHER PERSON IN THE PARK, but there were good deals….), and just really enjoyed our evening of pretending to be season ticket holders.

We also got to enter in time to watch the Mariners take batting practice.  That also meant watching the autograph hounds go bananas, and while that’s not our thing, it was cool to see the players interact with the fans.

Now, this was appreciation day, so all the freebies were just on that day.  Still, it was pretty fun!

Maybe we should just succumb to the inevitable and tell the kids that this is the entertainment budget from now on.


October 1, 2018

40 and Baseball


Well, the baseball season is officially over for our Mariners, but it was really fun this weekend!  On Friday, my actual birthday, the Mariners had their “Fan Appreciation Night” and put on their last fireworks show of the season.

I told the kids they were doing the fireworks just because it was my 40th birthday.

Even better, my dear friend Elle, and her husband Rick met us at the game!  They had gotten tickets two rows behind us, but because the game was so deserted, they eventually moved to the row in front of us.  Elle was one of my best friends in junior high, and she was one of my bridesmaids.

The game ran LONG (scoring 7 runs in the second inning will do that), but we won 12 to 6!  And the fireworks show was a blast.  Easily one of the best this year (and we saw two others in person).

And while that was the last game of the season for the kids, the Webmaster and I had more fun planned for the next day….