October 1, 2019

Homecoming 2019


While we were celebrating my birthday at the baseball game, Ane was busy getting herself ready for the Homecoming dance!

Good thing Grandma was around to pick her up from work, take her to get her hair done, drop her off at a friend’s house to get ready, and then pick Ane and her friends up from the local teen hangout (the Ranch Drive-In, where they grabbed dinner) and dropped them off at the dance.

Ane looked fantastic in her dress, and the girls took pictures of each other outside at a local park.

They managed to get a few good ones before the light got away from them.

We got back early enough from the game that the Webmaster was able to do pick-ups after the dance (and took Ane’s friend KT home).  From what I’ve heard, the dance was a lot of fun, and the girls enjoyed themselves.  Hopefully no baseball games will conflict with the next dance plans.

September 30, 2019

Birthday Baseball Game!


It was my birthday, and it was also Ichiro Suzuki Funko Pop night!  Rerun was more excited about the latter part.

Because the Funko Pops are always such a popular giveaway, we planned on getting to the park and standing in line very early.  As in, “as soon as the parking garage opens” early – which is three hours before the game starts.  And because Auntie is such a GREAT SISTER, she got me birthday tickets in the Terrace Club (200 level).  Now, for those in the know, the “official” Mariners garage has a couple of skybridge entrances.  One leads directly to the suites, and the other leads to the Terrace Club.  You can only use those entrances if you have a ticket for that area.  So that meant that we decided to park in the Mariners garage.

When we arrived, it was a few minutes early, but the garage was already open.  Oh, right, it was also season ticket holder appreciation day (the Webmaster and I attended this game last year with season tickets that he had bought off a former co-worker), so the garage opened early.  And then I got a birthday present.  As we pulled in, a guy was talking to the garage attendant that we were preparing to pay.  Instead, he stopped us (having obviously cleared this with the attendant) and offered us a free parking pass, as he had two and had only needed one.  YES THANK YOU.

So, after that birthday surprise, we parked, got in line at the skybridge, and waited.  And waited, and waited, and waited.  The boys were patient-ish, my battery backup charger was in my purse, and we survived (though it was chilly and windy and we got out our blankets early to fight off the cold).  And when the line opened, we went through security and got our Funko Pops!

We were freezing, so we ate inside the Terrace Club instead of in our great seats, just so we could shake the chill off.  Then we staked out our seats, and I took the little boys for a walk.

During the game, the boys were wanting to know why I didn’t get my name up on the big screen for my birthday.  I had just said “well, that costs money” when I got a text from Auntie.

“Look at the board”

I was already watching it, but then my name came up.

And I freaked out, pointing it out to the boys.

The Webmaster had known ahead of time, but Auntie and her friend A, who works for the team, had arranged that surprise for me!

The team did not realize it was my birthday and lost.  Boo.  They generally have a good record on my birthday, so what was that all about???

And so another season has come to an end.  Not gonna lie, this was a tough season.  On our way back to the car, Rerun said “we haven’t won a lot of games this year.”

I tried to be encouraging.  “Yeah, this has been a rough season. It’s been a rebuilding year. But next season will be better.”

“Or it could be worse,” Rerun muttered under his breath.

Nine and a half, and he’s already got all the cynicism of a seasoned Mariners fan.

Happy birthday to me.

September 27, 2019

Flashback Friday


Oh hey, my birthday is tomorrow.

I’m old.

Auntie got me a terrific birthday gift – tickets to the baseball game!  It’s the second to the last game of the season, and I am looking forward to it!

September 26, 2019

Don’t Miss The Bus!


Tad had a dilemma today.  It didn’t go so well.

He’s going to start staying after school on Thursdays to be in art club, led by the supremely talented Ms. A, who is one of Tad’s favorite teachers.  Tad couldn’t fit an art class into his schedule this year, so art club seemed like a good compromise.

And all was going according to plan, until Tad realized that he would miss the bus if he stayed for art club.

This meant I got a semi-panicked phone call from Tad, who also had his case manager Ms. C on the other end with him.  I reaffirmed that yes, he was going to art club; no, he was not riding the bus home; yes, I would be picking him up.

Ms. C called me back about 15 minutes later, telling me that Tad had an honest-to-goodness meltdown about missing the bus.  I promised to talk it over with him when I picked him up.

Well, he did just fine in art club, but as soon as I saw him after, he launched into an entire angry litany about how Ms. C made him miss the bus and I’m at fault because I told her that Tad should miss the bus.

Apparently, “not riding the bus home” and “missing the bus” was a distinction without a difference to Tad, who did get properly scolded when he missed the bus home a couple of weeks ago. My warning about consequences stuck with him, I guess, because that’s why he flipped out.

We talked a bit about the fact that he actually had permission to stay at school for art club, and I can tell that we’ll have to push it again next week.

It’s really hard to negotiate life when your executive functioning skills fail you sometimes.  Or, as Tad says, “Being a teenager sucks.”