December 5, 2017

O Santa! 2017


It’s a Christmas miracle!  No one cried for the Santa picture!

Thumper actually let me lead him up to Santa, he said hi, and decided that Santa was okay.  And that his red suit was really fuzzy and soft.  So he stood between Santa’s knees while the other kids got in place, and then the photographer lifted him onto Santa’s lap.  Thumper discovered that was an even better spot from which to feel the arm of Santa’s red suit.

Everyone was incredibly well-behaved, despite both the older boys forgetting their letters for Santa (Tad discovered it once we were a couple miles from home, and I didn’t feel like turning around.  Tad was panicked, even though I told him to leave his letter out for Santa on Christmas Eve.  I finally remembered that I’d taken a photo on my phone of his Christmas letter, because I thought he would be giving it away.  When I reminded Tad of that, he let out a giant sigh and said “I’m saved!”), and we didn’t have to deal with any crowds or lines.  Pro tip – go on a weeknight early in December.  Your chances are much better for a laid-back Santa experience.

December 4, 2017

O Christmas Tree 2017


It was a team effort, but our Christmas tree is up!

The Webmaster had to work on Saturday morning, but stopped off at the local farmers market (which opens to sell trees and greenery in the Christmas season) to pick out a tree.  He brought it home, put it in the garage to dry off a little during the day, and then he put it up in the living room after the boys went to bed on Saturday night.

By Sunday afternoon, the kids were ready to tear into the boxes I was bringing in from the shed and start decorating.  The boys had to wait a bit when I ran out of lights, and the Webmaster and Ane made an emergency run to Target for another strand of LED lights.  (The tree this year is a Fraser fir, and is a little “fluffier” than last year’s Noble fir, so another string was needed.)  But once the new strand got home and was put on, the kids opened “their” box of ornaments, divided them up, and went to town.

Now, you would think that the kids working this hard would mean less work for the adults, right?  WRONG.  As I told the kids when we got started, I reserved the right to move any ornament as needed.  The boys are still getting the hang of not sticking the heaviest ornaments on the tips of branches.  There was a lot of moving and suggesting going on.

Thumper, as usual, showed zero interest in putting his own ornaments on the tree, so I hung his.  Fortunately, he doesn’t have that many.  And as usual, each kid got a new ornament to add to their collection.

I started with the youngest first, and Thumper got a Cookie Monster Santa ornament.

Rerun got a Minion ornament.  He’s actually made the effort to learn their names, so when he got it, he yelped, “LOOK, I got Dave!”

Tad had been dropping heavy hints about HOW MUCH he wanted the LEGO Batman Movie ornament he’d seen.  Well, he was not disappointed.

And we surprised Ane (who assumed she was getting a different ornament) with a glass gingerbread-style TARDIS.

And the Webmaster and I got to hang up a very special ornament – special to us, anyway.

The Webmaster is now thinking that when we have a second smaller tree (someday), it should be baseball-themed instead of Peanuts-themed.  I am open to negotiation.

And I invested in some new plastic icicles this year (I still have the glass ones that I bought when the Webmaster and I first got married, but with rambunctious kids in the house, this is a safer bet), and I love how they look on the finished tree:

Now, to get the rest of the decorating done so the boys will stop bugging me!

December 1, 2017

Flashback Friday


How on earth is it Friday again???

I was being reminded, courtesy of Facebook, of baby Thumper.  I really miss this baby.

Could I just have him back for one day?  Just one?

November 30, 2017

Preparations In Progress


Cookies are coming.

And I even gave myself an early Christmas present of new hardware.

Oh yes.  Christmas cookies are a serious business around here.