August 27, 2020

Old Van, New Van


Well, we finally did it!  We finally found and bought a new-to-us minivan!  We traded in our Honda Odyssey yesterday, since it needs a new transmission and it was just easier to let the dealership take it.

Easier for us, anyway.  For Tad, not so much.

We had owned this minivan since just before Tad’s first birthday.  He doesn’t remember life without it.  And he was very emotional at the end.

Proof yet again that change is a very hard thing for Tad.

But say hello to our new 2012 Toyota Sienna!

Tad hates it.  Rerun warmed up to it quickly.  Thumper did not care.  I think it’s great, and so does the Webmaster.

Ane was indifferent because she drives our Fiesta pretty exclusively.

We are a complicated family.

August 26, 2020

Stabbing For Science, Part 2


Well, we’re still waiting for the results of blood draw #1 to come back, but it was time for blood draw #2 to happen.

Rerun, as always, was a champ about it (and not nearly as comically dramatic, which was disappointing).

There’s supposed to be a third blood draw, but with school starting online this year, who knows when Rerun will ever spend time with other kids again and need to be tested.

August 25, 2020

The Cool Backyard


I’ve always wanted to be the house with the cool backyard.

After talking the Webmaster into investing in the projector and building a frame for the screen, I think we have finally managed that.  Ane had her friends over tonight to watch a movie, which meant that they were all outside, hanging out together, eating popcorn, and able to forget about the pandemic and just be teenagers.

Anything to give them just a little taste of normalcy right now.

August 24, 2020

Romance Isn’t Dead, It Got A Shot


It’s nice when the Webmaster and I are able to get away, leave the boys with my parents, and… go to Costco to get our flu shots done.

That wasn’t really the reason they watched the boys for us on Saturday.  We actually went to a few different places and test drove some minivans.  So far, we haven’t found what we want – and frankly, the flu shot was easier to deal with than car salespeople.