No one is happy!

Munchkin #2, for now, seems to be staying put. He is happy in here, apparently. He does have a little less than a couple of weeks to go, and is content to hang out in the womb – for now. I am actually fine with that, because 1) he’s very low-maintenance to care for right now, and 2) I have a few more things to do – or that I would like to do – before popping. Like getting a haircut.

However, no one else is happy. My middle sister is unhappy because she, her husband, and Little Cousin are all leaving for the Midwest next week so my brother-in-law can begin Officers’ Basic Course – all part and parcel of being a 2nd lieutenant in the Army – so they will miss Munchkin #2’s arrival. My youngest sister is headed off to junior high camp with our church next week, and, according to her, I am under strict instructions to NOT give birth until she gets back – unless I can give birth before she leaves. She doesn’t want to miss anything. So she is anxious – and unhappy. My mother is unhappy because my induction date is a day she is scheduled to work to cover someone else’s vacation – though she assures me that she could work a half-day if necessary. My grandmother is unhappy because she and my step-grandfather are going out of town on my due date and won’t be back for two weeks – so she wants to see the baby BEFORE she leaves. The Webmaster is unhappy because he is supposed to sing – along with my mother – with our church choir – for a community event scheduled for 2 days after my due date, now two days before my induction date. This will also make the choir director unhappy, since the Webmaster is a badly needed tenor.

And to top it all off, my doctor is on vacation, starting tomorrow, until my due date. My induction date is scheduled for after he gets back.

All I’m missing here is the whip with someone cracking it and saying, “Perform! Pop! Give birth on command!”

Being that this is the second time around, I have a little more patience. I soooo badly wanted the Munchkin to be born on or before her due date that I was literally in tears when it didn’t happen. My womb is apparently very comfortable for babies. So, I have to just accept that babies come when they and God decide that it’s time. So I’m ready to wait until my due date – so long as the air conditioning holds out and the weather doesn’t get too hot. Predicted high of 88 degrees today – ick. Bring on the ice water, the prune juice, and the Popsicles.

After all, how can you be unhappy when you have a Popsicle? 🙂

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