Just as we break one kid of the bottle, the next one starts…

We are on day 3 of no more ba-ba for the Munchkin, and so far, it’s working. She did ask for it last night, but there was just no WAY we were going to let her have one with all of the barfing she was doing. C’mon, we’re tired, but we’re not stupid. And yes, she is feeling better, though we now are combating diarrhea. It never ends for this kid.

Baby Boy just had bottle #2 – meaning that this is the second time that we have fed him a bottle. He’s doing very well. But since he was having a bottle, I had to pump. I don’t feel like exploding or leaking all over the place. So, off I go with the manual pump. Fifteen minutes later, I have 4 ounces in a bottle, ready for the freezer. I wasn’t even trying that hard.

Friend and I have often joked about breastfeeding, and the great quantity of our milk supply that makes us feel like milch cows. There are many downsides to nursing, like not being able to wear dresses to church (must wear a removable top to nurse) and leakage. Then there are the modesty issues, something that the Munchkin does not think about. When we were at the mall last Friday, my mother was keeping an eye on her while she played on the big toys and I was nursing Baby Boy. I was fully covered, with him under a blanket. The Munchkin came looking for me. “Mommy?” she called. She saw me and came over, with a quizzical look on her face. “Baby?” she asked, wondering where he was. Then, without any warning, she yanked the blanket away. “Baby!” she yelled in glee. I yelped in shock, and grabbed the blanket back from her, while my mother laughed and laughed. I tried to tell the Munchkin that this was not peek-a-boo (or peek-a-boob, as the Webmaster put it), but she didn’t believe me, naturally.

But I like breastfeeding. Not only is it good for the baby, but I think it’s good for the mom, too. Burns calories, promotes bonding, and is a good self-esteem booster. I’m not a militant on this – if you don’t want to, don’t, and if you can’t, I’m not going to tell you to “just try harder” or any crap like that. I am, however, cheap, and if God designed me to give my baby free meals for the first year of life, so much the better. And since he is learning to take it from a bottle, so much the better for me. I would like to be an adult at some point again here soon, not just a drive-thru milk dispenser that is open 24/7, 365.

I am solaced by the fact that the Munchkin does not perceive me as food anymore. She, of course, sees me as her personal short-order cook and wielder of the DVD remote. 🙂

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