What happened?

It’s as if I closed my eyes and 2005 disappeared.

It’s December 1st!!! How did that happen?

This year has kind of been a blur. I am rapidly approaching the one year mark of when I found out that I was pregnant with Baby Boy. Now that knocked me flat. I remember taking the pregnancy test on a whim – because I was going to start taking regular birth control again. Surprise! I didn’t even have to wait the required 2 minutes to see the results.

I yelped in shock, hugged the Munchkin, and called Friend. The Webmaster was singing in a Christmas concert and I couldn’t get a hold of him for at least a couple hours. Friend and Doc were very happy for us. My head was spinning.

And so, here we are a year later. Baby Boy is such a cutie and I can’t imagine life without him. The Munchkin is a rambunctious little girl who learns a word a day, it seems (today’s word: “door”). And most importantly, I am not pregnant.

Just to update, for those of you keeping score – the Munchkin still has a cough, but is recovering. Baby Boy is fighting it, and slept with me last night. I think we both needed the extra cuddling. The Webmaster’s nose is really plugged up, and he will have to go get more generic Sudafed soon. And I am still healthy. What does a girl have to do to get sick around here?? I mean, I’ve been sneezed on, kissed, spit up on, coughed at, and Baby Boy even attempted a drive-by peeing. What am I, Teflon Mommy?

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