The Big-Girl Bed

First, a side note… I am relishing my late-night snack in peace. I usually write my posts at night, after the Munchkin has gone to bed and Baby Boy is either on his way there or hanging out with his Dad. I always have to remember to change the tenses on everything, because what is still “today” is now “yesterday” to you the reader. Anyway, I let myself indulge in a snack while I write, and tonight’s snack is cranberry bread that I have been saving just for me (given to me by a friend of my grandmother’s – she makes it every year at Christmas and hands out small loaves at our annual Christmas luncheon, and I wish I had the recipe) and Thomas Kemper cream soda. I love this stuff. I have a sample pack in the garage right now and they are all mine. Since I don’t drink, this is my big indulgence.

The big news around here, of course, is that the Munchkin took a nap in her new big-girl bed yesterday (my today)! She had to be convinced to stay in it. She liked the novelty of being tucked in, but actually sleeping in it wasn’t something that she had apparently considered. I stayed with her until she fell asleep, and then I raised the safety rail oh-so-quietly, and split.

The nap only lasted 45 minutes, which bummed me out. She’s been taking 2 hour naps. But the less sleep didn’t seem to affect her behavior, and she was apparently very good-natured in the nursery at church. Baby Boy also went to the nursery (he’s becoming too much of a distraction to me and the kids), where he was a perfect angel, naturally. He got an increase in his rice cereal portion to two tablespoons, which he seemed to enjoy a lot. He’s doing quite well with the solid food. He had just eaten the cereal before going to church, so he wasn’t hungry and could be his normal, charming self.

The Munchkin went to her crib for nighttime, though – we are going to keep her in the crib at night for about a month, and then make the final switch. I have already begun making that room “hers” – I hung up her baby hands-and-feet prints, a Veggie Tales calendar that we gave her for Christmas, and have put her Precious Moments figurines on the top shelf of the bookcase. I’ve also begun putting Baby Boy’s things in the nursery – his prints in the same spot where the Munchkin’s once hung, a shadowbox frame with a toy airplane in it that holds a picture of him, the Munchkin, and Little Cousin, his Baby’s First Year calendar… I have to decide where to put his Army Humvee, though. And if I take it out of the box.

Well, my snack is gone, but I am still drinking my cream soda. Yum. Must go and make cards now – I am very behind and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Did I just write that? Ack.

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