The great jean hunt

Yesterday, I went and had the kids’ portraits taken. This is their annual picture-together-that-is-not-a-Christmas-picture-so-no-Christmas-backgrounds-please portrait. I’ve started always doing a full family one in April (Mom and Dad included), and then doing the kids by themselves in October.

Lucky for me, Auntie had the day off of school and I managed to beg both her and Grandma to come along for extra kid wrangling help. It was needed.

The Munchkin and Little Tad did very well and were happy during the photo session. I followed up on my promise to let the Munchkin go to the Disney Store, and she spent some quality time inspecting toys and lusting after a Disney Princess keyboard, which she had to be convinced to leave behind, but not until she gave it a hug and a kiss good-bye.

However, in the middle of her Disney Store visit, she came right up to me and said, “Mommy, I need to go poo-poo.”

I hustled her out of there quick and we started jogging toward Sears, where the nearest public bathroom was. Halfway there, the Munchkin stopped. “Mommy, I gotta go poo-poo,” she cried plaintively.

I picked her up and ran the rest of the way, saying “Hold it, sweetie, we’re almost there!” I’m sure we looked hilarious to other shoppers as I charged down the mall with her in my death grip.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I placed her on the toliet. We had made it. And yes, she really needed to go. I broke out the cheering squad routine, and we went back to the Disney Store – and the keyboard – feeling much better.

Our shopping trip was going so well that my mother suggested running by Ann Taylor Loft, because apparently a family friend is now working there. She wasn’t there at that moment, but my mother tried on a dress, and I spied a pair of jeans that I thought had some potential.

While Auntie amused the kids with the children’s books that the store has in the dressing room area (smart people!), I tried on the jeans. I really liked the way I looked in them, but the rise was making me uncomfortable. It was just too low. I showed Auntie how low the rise was, and the little ingrate started to snicker. “Maybe you shouldn’t wear granny panties and it might look better,” she unhelpfully pointed out. This from the ungrateful teenage snot who freely admitted that I had purchased every piece of clothing she was wearing at that moment, right down to the bra! To be fair, I did not buy her panties or socks, and she was wearing Sketchers and a necklace that the Captain had bought for her. But still! The nerve! I shot her the evil eye and continued to examine myself. The jeans had good points, but I just couldn’t bring myself to buy them.

I decided to take a look inside Janeville, just on a lark. I was becoming more and more bummed because all of their jeans were billed as lower-rise, and finally, a saleslady asked if she could help. I asked if they had any “timeless fit” (their term for at-waist rise) jeans available. She said, “No, but this one tends to be the highest rise out of any of our jeans at the moment.” They were on sale, so I tried them on.

They were perfect. Have I said before how much I love Janeville? I love Janeville. I am an size 8 petite in their jeans and pants, for future reference. The jeans are a dark wash denim, boot-cut, so they are definitely wider at the ankle than I am used to, but they are just perfect in length and fit. If they had had another pair in my size, I would’ve gotten them, because they were 50% off!!! It was a total steal, and I am so pleased. Even the Webmaster liked how they looked on me. Now I just need to find a nice top and I have a reunion outfit!

We celebrated with lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory – my treat. The kids had behaved very well and my mother and Auntie had been invaluable in their help. As always, the food was great, the kids made a mess, and I left a nice tip to apologize.

We wrapped up the day with a quick run to Toys ‘R Us – or heaven, as the Munchkin now thinks it is. She stayed in the cart the whole time, so we didn’t have any behavior issues. Tad was so tired that even the array of toys before him couldn’t keep him awake. He fell asleep in the front of the cart and ended up taking a 3 hour nap. Poor boy. The Munchkin fell asleep on the way home and took a long nap herself. I didn’t get anything at Toys ‘R Us… but Grandma did. 🙂

So, the great jean hunt comes to an intermission. It never ends, of course. One nice pair of jeans does not a wardrobe make. Two nice pairs of jeans, however… now we’re getting somewhere.

3 Responses to “The great jean hunt”

  1. DozeyMagz
    October 17th, 2006 05:09

    Congrats on finding your jeans! I’m too scared to try on anything new! I fear change…
    I need a wardrobe fairy to help me. And perhaps a nice lottery win would help encourage me too!

  2. Little Cousin's Mommy
    October 17th, 2006 07:27

    I’m proud of you for getting boot-cut, but how much were they?

  3. Deanna
    October 17th, 2006 11:07

    Original price of jeans: $64
    Sale price: $32.99
    I totally lucked out. 🙂