Ane Speaks… about dinner

Ane: Mommy, I hungry. It’s time for dinner. You call Daddy and tell him ‘bring home pizza.’


Ane’s new favorite word when it comes to food is “ick” – and it doesn’t matter what the food is. If it looks even remotely unappetizing, she says “ick.”

She even said “ick” to chocolate pudding at one point, but then changed her mind rather rapidly.

While I do tend to let her dictate what she eats for lunch (peanut butter and jelly versus macaroni and cheese, for instance), dinner is a non-negotiable meal – meaning that Mommy makes one thing and if you choose not to eat it, tough. You’ll be hungry until breakfast.

Let’s just say that there are no picky eaters in this house – only hungry ones.

I guess it’s the age – or maybe just her personality – but she tends to be resistant to trying anything new. Tad, on the other hand, will eat nearly anything. The Brain and Head are extremely good eaters, though it’s very weird… Friend actually said to them last Sunday, “No, you can’t have more broccoli until you eat your meat and potatoes.” In the meantime, Ane was ONLY eating potatoes and Tad was cheerfully making a mess out of his dinner while eating it.

Short of reading Bread and Jam for Frances every other day to Ane, I guess I’m just waiting for her to outgrow this phase. In the meantime, pizza does sound good.

One Response to “Ane Speaks… about dinner”

  1. Dozeymagz
    February 23rd, 2007 07:21

    I know what you’re going through!