Spring forward – ha!

I was promised daylight.

Here in the Great North-wet (ha ha), this whole “moving up Daylight Savings Time to get more light” is a big, fat joke. I’m sure they’re laughing even harder in Alaska.

All this means is that we get a little more light in the evening, but it is now totally pitch black in the morning. What a trade-off!

We’ve gotten off to a slow start today… actually, this whole transition has been messy. It began on Saturday evening. Friend, Doc, the Webmaster and I went out to dinner – a grown-up dinner at a very nice restaurant (the kind where the waiter shows you the label on the bottle of wine with a pocket flashlight because the room is dimmed for ambience) – and Auntie herded, um, I mean watched Ane, Tad, the Brain and Head at Friend and Doc’s home. Because of our schedules, which dictated our reservation time, we all got home late.

To top it off, the Webmaster and I had nursery duty first service at church on Sunday morning, which meant we really needed to be there on time. We ended up watched a whopping total of two kids – Tad and a baby girl a year younger than he is, who we are quite familiar with. It was an easy morning, which was good because we were solely powered by coffee. Ane was the only kid in her class first service until a very cranky L. showed up.

The kids crashed on the way home from church – even after Ane begged for lunch at Wendy’s. We struck a compromise and went through the drive-thru and picked up chicken nuggets and fries off the dollar menu for the kids. When we got home, we couldn’t wake either kid up. They ate after their naps. They were pretty good-tempered by the time Friend and Doc and the boys came over for our weekly Sunday dinner, but it was clear that the Brain and Head were taking the time change hard. The Brain had not napped, and then Tad tried to pick a fight with Head, causing Head to break down in tears. “I think Head is feeling a bit fragile today,” Doc observed. Poor Head – no one likes to get roughed up, especially by a baby half your size and age.

Ane and Tad slept in this morning, thankfully, but I’m still feeling the effects. I brewed a pot of coffee for myself this morning, if that tells you anything. Tad got a hold of my second cup and spilled it all over the newspaper for me – how kind of him – but I cut the Sudoku puzzle out so I could finish it. And our DVR still has not caught up with the time change (???), so the display is really throwing me off.

But on a happy note, today is Belle’s first birthday! We sent her some presents – all clothes to grow into, since she has lots of toys – and we are looking forward to seeing her next month… along with her parents, of course. And since it’s Belle’s birthday, it also means that Tad is 19 months old today. Crap… when Ane was 19 and a half months old, I had Tad. I am so glad that we’re not repeating that event again so soon.

3 Responses to “Spring forward – ha!”

  1. Erin
    March 12th, 2007 12:58

    Perhaps I’m slow, but is the time change new to WA? I know some places don’t do it, or at least didn’t do it, but I can never remember who.

    I think the ‘spring forward’ is easy. It’s when we fall back that I get all messed up and grumpy for a few days.

  2. Deanna
    March 12th, 2007 13:33

    No, the time change is not new here… the problem is that because of the state’s location (north and west) and our perpeptually rainy/cloudy climate in the spring, gaining an hour of daylight is a crock, and doesn’t happen just because the government says so.

    Falling back is easy! Just add one extra hour of sleep. 🙂

  3. Little Cousin's Mommy
    March 12th, 2007 14:03

    Oddball and I missed Church because we forgot about the time change. And Little Cousin has been grumpy most of today – oh, joy.

    Happy First Birthday Belle!