Vacation pictures, part 2

Continuing on a visual tour of our trip…

After our visit to Mansfield and dinner, Ane got to take her very first pony ride. Tad and Belle were too small to hang on to even this miniature pony, who was named Trigger. Ane LOVED the ponies. She now has an imaginary pony that she calls Trigger that she leads around (I gave her permission to keep her imaginary Trigger in her room at night). This may be the beginning of a horse craze for Ane.
Ane goes for a pony ride

Walking the ring

Loving the pony

After the pony ride (and it was HOT out there on the asphalt), we cooled off and took a trip to the Springfield Bass Pro Shop. The store is HUGE, and has a small aquarium/taxidermy display inside. The kids liked it a lot (Tad wasn’t fond of the loud waterfalls, though), and the Captain gave Ane a few pointers at the shooting gallery arcade.
Ane gets a shooting lesson

Then the Captain decided to show off and hit the hardest targets.
Uncle Captain takes over

We all had a good time!
Belle, Q-Bee and Ane

The Bass Pro Shop had a Starbucks, as well… how do you beat that?

More pictures tomorrow!

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