Kid TV

We’ve been readjusting our TV-watching habits around here when it comes to the kids. Amazingly, neither of them are that hooked on Sesame Street anymore. They like it, but they don’t really pay attention to it half of the time, and don’t miss it if it’s not on. Same with Mister Rogers. Ane likes it better than Tad does, but neither of them are missing it if we don’t watch it.

Ane’s new favorite? Word World. It’s actually a pretty neat show, and I like it for her. She is right on the cusp of figuring out phonics, and this show is an excellent way for her to watch and learn. And the games on the PBS Kids website for Word World are really quite good, especially Dog’s Letter Pit, where you have to spell out words (using a limited amount of letters – this is a kid’s game, after all) using the phonetic sounds.

So, we can’t miss Word World. Or Curious George – Tad’s ultimate favorite, and a favorite of Ane’s as well. But the kids are now limited to one Curious George episode a day, since we want Tad to be exposed to REAL words, not monkey-speak. It is the only show he asks for by name, though – “Jor? Jor?” (as he tries to say “George.”) And I like having them watch Between the Lions – phonics and good books. How can you go wrong?

Oh, and the kids LOVE 3-2-1 Penguins, but that’s on only once a week, so that’s a special treat (usually on Fridays).

So, what are you watching these days? It doesn’t even have to be TV for kids – I am hooked on Jon & Kate Plus Eight, myself.

3 Responses to “Kid TV”

  1. Resiss
    March 18th, 2008 06:12

    Little Cousin loves anything “Sesame Street” and her Baby Einstein DVDs – which Baby Cousin stares at like a zombie.

  2. Matthew
    March 18th, 2008 06:41

    We watch Curious George and Clifford in the morning (they switched back the time recently!) before we head out the door.

    On weekends, I’ll let them watch Word World after Clifford and then we usually turn it off. Although they like Super Why a lot too.

    When PBS starts doing it’s fund raising and we can’t watch their shows, I pop in one of the TWO Curious George videos that Tad and Ane sent us. 🙂

  3. Dale
    March 18th, 2008 07:10

    Oh, word world is a good one. I record it and send it to my sister in Baker City, OR where they don’t have it.

    George is always a favorite. Big J likes the discovery channel, especially ‘how it’s made’

    The only thing the rest of watch are Survivor and LOST, both on Thursdays. Big J watches it with us and ‘snuggles’ while Little Mo is usually to and fro her room.