Baby Bonanza

I do not know what is going on – maybe the long winter got to everyone? – but count it, people:
– 1 niece this year
– 2 babies (at least) who will be born at church that I will most likely get a baby gift for
– 2 more babies at church who have already been born (that I haven’t gotten a gift for)
– 1 step-cousin due this summer with first baby
– 2 of the Group o’ Friends who will add to their number of children during this calendar year
… and there are probably people I missed, or who will get pregnant by the end of this year.

And Ane is either baby-crazy herself or trying to prove to me how responsible and helpful she will be if her father and I decide to grant her wish and bring another baby home. (Of course, the second part of that wish was to get rid of her brother in favor of said theoretical baby, but let’s not dwell on that now.)

Yesterday, Ane’s precious Dolly was:
– fed three bottles (the pretend milk kind that “drains” when you tip it)
– fed at least one solid food meal in the doll highchair
– dressed, then changed into her ballerina outfit for a dance lesson, then put into a sleeper
– had her diaper changed (and then the same diaper was promptly put back on – I should really make Dolly some diapers)
– was read a bedtime story, tucked into her cradle and kissed good night.

Now, if I could train her to wake up at 3 am and do all those same things with a smile on her face, we might have a deal.

Of course, Ane also asked for a hamster after her preschool field trip last week to the pet store (otherwise known as the poor man’s zoo). I told her that she would need to show that she was responsible before she could have a pet like that. AND that she would have to clear it with Daddy. AND we would have to find space for it (which is highly unlikely).

If I offered her a choice between a new baby sibling or a hamster, I think her head might explode.

But at least a hamster wouldn’t need a college fund.

One Response to “Baby Bonanza”

  1. Resiss
    May 8th, 2008 06:48

    It will be a lot easier to keep my “not pregnant in 2008” resolution with Oddball gone for the rest of the year. No more babies for us, for now.