In the backyard

The kids spent most of yesterday in our backyard.

After Tad was home from school and I had gotten home from Bible study, I was starting to work on lunch when Tad called me. “Mama! Mama! Go outside? Go p’ay outside?”

He was standing at our back door with his lightsaber in hand.

“Sure, go ahead,” I said, and I opened the door for him and out he went. Ane wasn’t far behind him.

They came in for lunch and then headed straight back outside.

They stayed outside for the whole afternoon (the day was overcast but pleasant), which also included a visit from their Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa, who were out and about and decided to stop by. The Webmaster and I could hear them running around outside, play-acting out favorite parts from movies or TV shows (Bolt and Star Wars: Clone Wars particularly), and generally behaving themselves – Ane had two time-outs and Tad had one.

When I finally called them inside for dinner, they were still in good spirits after about six hours outdoors. I was afraid that Tad was going to fall asleep over his dinner, but he didn’t. They took their baths and got to watch some of their favorite Muppet clips before bedtime.

Tad yawned through all of his stories and went willingly to bed so I could tuck him in. He’s not used to skipping his nap like this. Since I knew that he was going to crash immediately, I let him listen to our Muppet Show CD, starting with his favorite Mahna Mahna song.

Ane is starting to lose her afternoon nap, but she was tired enough to know that it was bedtime.

And all was quiet at the Corner Haus after a busy day outdoors. Now, if our whole summer can be this mild, we might just survive it after all if the kids can spend several hours during the day in the backyard.

One Response to “In the backyard”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    June 17th, 2009 07:44

    Ahhh! Outdoors! No end to the things you can make up to do. This may be the answer!