First Bottle!

Rerun had his first bottle on Tuesday night.  This was kind of an experiment, but one I was pretty sure would succeed.

With both Ane and Tad, we introduced a bottle much earlier – around six weeks.  Rerun is now eleven weeks old, and we’re just now getting around to it.  But he’s much more of a pacifier baby than either his brother or sister ever were, so I was fairly confident that a bottle would be no problem.

He’s a lazy nurser sometimes – he’ll eat well on one side and then crash, leaving me a little, um, lopsided.  So I pumped a little over an ounce on Tuesday evening and put it in the fridge, so we could try our little feeding experiment later.

And… we had great success!

The Webmaster gave him his first bottle!  This has always been his job, so the baby who was getting the bottle would be able to associate me with nursing and Daddy (or anyone else) with a bottle.

Rerun took to it very quickly, which was great.  But there was only a little over one ounce, which was… not so great.

In fact, Rerun was downright furious that there was only one ounce in that bottle.  And so, to satiate him, I had to nurse him immediately.  Which he had no problem with, thankfully.

But the look of sheer resentment he gave his father was hilarious.  It quite clearly said, “Mommy never runs out.”

And so far, he’s right.

2 Responses to “First Bottle!”

  1. Nana
    May 27th, 2010 06:56

    Congratulations to Mom and the wet nurse 😀

  2. Aunt Mary
    May 29th, 2010 19:06

    Good job, dad!!!! Good picture, too.