The Crazy Train begins to slow

Amazingly, once this weekend is over, things will really begin to slow down here.

This week has been insane – it’s been the last week of school for both kids, so that involved getting little Christmas treats to their teachers, paraeducators, therapists and bus drivers… and it included making up these little treat tags for Tad’s teachers and paraeducators that were meant to remind them of him:

It just screams “Tad,” right?

But once Monday hits, life will slow down.¬† The kids will have two solid weeks off of school, with things scheduled here and there – Ane has a doctor appointment, as well as her birthday, and Tad will be off his therapy sessions for those same two weeks (due to Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve falling on Fridays this year).¬† Our schedule is looking a lot lighter.

And the Webmaster’s job prospects are looking brighter… he had a major interview yesterday with the CEO of a start-up company (if hired, he would be employee #4 – both a fascinating and daunting idea), along with a follow-up interview with a well-known company and a phone call from another company that he applied to weeks ago – you can tell that companies are starting to think about hiring with the year (both calendar and fiscal) coming to a close and a new one about to begin.

If the Webmaster got a job before the New Year, it would be a major signal to me that the Crazy Train would at least get on some regular rails, even if we won’t be able to get off the ride for a while.

That would be a nice feeling.

In the meantime, I will be baking more cookies (cookie party on Saturday), making birthday party invitations for Ane (gotta officially warn the family, even if they already know what day to show up), beginning to wrap and store gifts (far away from prying eyes and Rerun’s grabby little hands), and hopefully keeping the kids busy enough so they don’t feel like mauling each other while they’re not in school.

‘Cause this ride isn’t over just yet.

One Response to “The Crazy Train begins to slow”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    December 17th, 2010 07:31

    I really don’t know how you do it all, but you do. Super Mom!