Caped Crusader

He is watching you… he knows what you are doing… he is… BATMAN!

(Homemade mask courtesy of Mama, who was trying to keep his hair nice for class pictures by keeping his baseball cap off his head.  A piece of black cardstock, scissors, tape and stretchy bracelet cord, combined with a little ingenuity, make for a passable mask.)

You never know when a call for help is going to come in.

But when it does, you need to be ready to pose and go off into the… um, early evening… to fight crime and keep little brothers out of your stuff.

I’ve already repaired that mask more times than I can count (re-taping the cord).  But he LOVES it.  He is Batman.  Let the imagination soar!

2 Responses to “Caped Crusader”

  1. Nana
    May 5th, 2011 06:43

    Deja vu !!

  2. Ressis
    May 5th, 2011 10:58

    He needs a Batman shirt like his uncle still wears.