My Commentary on Their TV

It’s been a while since I ruminated on the quirks of the TV shows the kids watch.  So, here are a few thoughts about what they’ve been watching lately…

– Obviously, we’ve been watching a LOT of the 1960’s Batman TV series.  And I’ve come to some conclusions.  Lee Meriwether was the best Catwoman, hands down.  And having John Astin play the Riddler in some episodes is just plain weird.  I keep having to suppress the urge to say, “Yes, Mr. Addams.”  I guess some roles are just permanently casted with certain actors in my head.

– The kids are back into The Powerpuff Girls again, thanks in part to my birthday present from Nana and Papa – the complete series on DVD.  I want to know who cleans up and pays for Townsville to be rebuilt each and every time a monster comes to town to smash up the place and the Girls take it out.  Wouldn’t their local taxes just be horrendous, and with all the villains and monsters coming to town, wouldn’t people just, um, MOVE???

– Rerun is of the opinion that there is too much Elmo and not enough Cookie Monster on Sesame Street.  I completely agree.

– Tad likes watching Super Why, and I find the show appealing – to a point.  The whole show revolves around finding the answer to one of the main character’s problems in a book.  In one episode, Whyatt (the lead character) had a problem – none of his friends would play with him because they were all busy.  So what does he do?  He summons them all to The Book Club to solve his problem.  They promptly drop all the important things they were doing to attend to Whyatt’s summons, and then when they get there, all they hear about is how he’s lonely and no one will play with him.  He should have also added, “Well, now you’re all here, so we can play!”  At which point they should have promptly beaten the tar out of him.  But this is PBS, so that would’ve never happened.

Also, Whyatt recently acquired a new dog (which was also a new hook to get more kids watching).  The dog’s superhero name is Woofster, but when he’s a normal dog, Whyatt just calls him “Puppy.”  Um, Whyatt?  Give the dog a name, already.

– Mickey Mouse?  If something has gone wrong at the Clubhouse, experience should tell you to check with Pete first, then go on to investigate other potential causes.

– I’m surprised that Nick and Sally’s mothers don’t have their heads examined, what with their continual requests to go to strangely-named places with a talking Cat.  They don’t seem to find this out of the ordinary at all.  If one of my kids was coming to me with requests to visit places with a talking animal, I have just two words for you: hidden camera.

And if you have anything to add to this list, go ahead!

3 Responses to “My Commentary on Their TV”

  1. Oddball
    October 5th, 2011 06:13

    “Star Wars: The Clones Wars Series”, and for shame that you do not continue proper indoctrination of your children with Star Wars.

  2. Aunt Lynda
    October 5th, 2011 07:02

    I miss Wunda Wunda…

  3. Auntie
    October 5th, 2011 10:17

    Rugrats! Past your kids, but I watched it a lot! Where were their parents! And who lets their diapered children run around outside by themselves!? If anything this just promotes bad parenting, and not potty training! Although I think finally in the last season Chucky get potty trained.

    Also, I agree with Rerun! Too much Elmo! His laugh is worst than mine! And my laugh is pretty annoying! And no Resis you cannot comment on that!