Trio Time

This is the last picture of its kind that I’ll be able to take for a while.

Lisa and her family are moving away.  They are leaving Seattle to move to Hawaii.  Lisa’s dad got a new job in Maui.  So we won’t worry about them too much.

But Lina and Ane will miss her.  We wanted to let the girls have another slumber party, but there just wasn’t time before they were leaving.  So we settled on a mall date.  The girls went to the American Girl store, where Lina spent her savings and bought a doll, Lisa spent some money she had earned on yet another set of matching pajamas, and Ane took her notebook and composed a three-page long wish list of stuff she wants.  The boys – Tad, Rerun, Lina’s brother Denny and Lisa’s brother TJ – hung out in the new LEGO Store and played games on their computers and browsed to their hearts’ content.

While the boys are close enough in age, they aren’t as tight as their sisters have been.  We had a fun time, but all too soon it was time to start saying our good byes.  Well, until tomorrow – we’re going to a goodbye party tomorrow for Lisa and her family.  But Lina and Denny won’t be there, so I took one last picture of the three girls together.

With a little effort, I hope they can continue to be friends for the rest of their lives.

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