New Teachers

Today is the day that Ane will meet her new teacher.  And this teacher is really new.  This will be her first year teaching, according to our cousin the Principal.

Sadly, one of the third grade teachers at Ane’s school died suddenly over the summer.  Ane didn’t know him, but she knew of him. And she apparently would have been in his class this year.  The new teacher that she will have was a student teacher/intern last year for one of the other third grade teachers, so she already knows the staff and the school, and is now taking over this late teacher’s class as his permanent replacement.

She was pleased to see that one of her good friends will be in her class again this year, and she knows most of the kids in her grade.  However, her beloved Ms. V has moved up from first grade to third grade this year, and Ane didn’t really expect to get her again (after having her for both kindergarten and first grade), but she was kind of put out when she discovered that both Little Mo and Jean were going to have her.  And she was upset that they were going to be in class together, since the three neighbor girls have always been in separate classes.  So she’s kind of feeling like odd-man-out, plus they got her favorite teacher.

I hope she likes the new teacher, Mrs. C, and has another successful year.

Tad will also be meeting his teacher again today – he has a class open house in the afternoon, and both teacher and para will be there, along with his new classmates.  Tad’s ABA therapist sent me a template for a “social story” about “My New School,”  so I will be taking my camera along to take pictures to fill in the blanks for this story.  He can review it over the weekend and start to feel more comfortable with the new class.  I talked with his new teacher, Ms. W, over the phone last week, and we’re both hopeful that Tad’s transition back into school and into the new class situation will go well.

Busy days and early mornings lie ahead of us!

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