At The Beach

Friend and Doc live not too far from a local beach right on Puget Sound.  As the summer draws to a close, they suggested that we spend a Sunday evening after dinner there with the kids.  The kids didn’t need much convincing, especially Tad.

Tad and Rupert dash into the waves

And it didn’t take very long for Tad to get really wet.

Going in deeper

And when I say “really wet,” I mean he became one with Puget Sound.

Soaking wet

Pretty pleased with himself!

Ane got her feet wet, but she was busy playing with the Brain and Head, and watching Tad become a sea sponge.

Ane and Head


Rerun, who was so eager to go, was shocked, SHOCKED at how “dirty” the beach was.

You mean sand is dirty???

But he eventually got into the rock throwing, and got his feet wet, too.

Throwing rocks

Rerun at sunset

The older kids all have waterproof sandals, but not Thumper (he outgrew his).  He spent most of his time on the very rocky parts of the beach (less sand) or on the Webmaster’s shoulders.

The Webmaster and Thumper

And, as we watched the sun set and Tad’s teeth began to chatter…

Watching the sunset

… we had to accept that summer is almost over and school starts next week.

It’s been quite a summer!

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