Murphy’s Law

I mentioned to the older two on Tuesday morning, “Hey, maybe we can go visit Santa tonight!  Yeah, Thumper has a couple of scratches, but it’ll be fine!”

Then while Rerun and Thumper were at the mall play area two hours later, someone took a spill.  And it left a mark.

Banged Up Thumper

The cut lip was from an earlier fall, and the scratch under the eye was from a scrap with Rerun.  But the new scrape over the eyebrow…. that was all Thumper, making a faceplant on one of those vinyl climbing toys at the play area, and it just took off some skin.

So, Santa pictures are on hold until someone can look a little less beat up.  And when I take them, I will not be opening my mouth until we get there.  Of course, with my luck, Thumper will trip in the parking lot.

One Response to “Murphy’s Law”

  1. Ressis
    December 2nd, 2015 06:37

    I have your answer: toddler fedora! All the cool toddlers can pull off a fedora tilted over one eye Frank Sinatra-style.