Tree Halfway There

The Christmas tree was purchased Saturday, put up on Monday night, and I put the lights on Tuesday afternoon.

Tree is lit!

The the Webmaster and I had to do a fix on Tuesday night because the tree was tilting.  Fortunately, there were no ornaments on it yet.  But between waiting for a package to arrive (which has an ornament that I wanted Rerun to have on the tree now), and our regular busy schedule, I have had to put off the decorating until Friday after school.  I might be able to do a little work once the kids hang their own ornaments, but I need to sleep, too.

If the tree looks bright, it’s because we switched to LED lights this year.  Now maybe I won’t be replacing over half my strings of lights each year.  I went with the “pure white” color.  Those LEDs sure do give off a lot of light!

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