Roomie Problems

The Great Roommate Swap has been fairly successful, especially when you take into consideration the obstacles initially against it.  For the most part, Tad and Thumper are doing all right.  Tad has been convinced to keep the door closed in order to keep Thumper inside the room.  He has both a nightlight and a flashlight to help him cope.  But I’m pretty convinced that Tad will want his door open again once he has his own room someday.

Ane and Rerun, on the other hand, started off smoothly, but have hit some speed bumps.  Rerun would prefer light, Ane prefers the dark, so they compromised on a TARDIS nightlight, and usually, Rerun falls asleep before Ane does.  But if he doesn’t, then we have problems, because the two of them will keep each other up MUCH later than they should.

Last week, after one such late night, Rerun slept in until almost 11 o’clock.  He leaves for school at 12:05.

Zonked at 10 am

Not good.

Rerun really needs his sleep.  After all, post-tonsillectomy, he’s getting good quality sleep, and we’ve noticed a distinct correlation between the amount of sleep he gets and his behavior at school the next day.  And it’s rare that he sleeps in, which is why this day surprised me so much.  But if we get him down at just the right time, and Ane doesn’t keep him up (or wake him too early), then he can easily get another hour’s worth of sleep, and that can make a huge difference to the afternoon kindergartener.

So, we just have to keep reminding these roomies that they both really need their sleep, and this is not a slumber party.

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