Heart Shaped Box of Candy

The boys have watched “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown” a few too many times this season.

As a result, both Rerun and Tad insisted on getting their teachers heart shaped boxes of candy for Valentine’s Day.  Because that’s what you do, right?

So, along with the 69 Valentines that we are producing between the three kids’ classes, there are also 10 boxes of candy, and one giant Hershey’s Kiss.  Ane is giving the Hershey’s Kiss to her teacher, Mrs. R.  Rerun is handing out 4 boxes of candy (2 teachers, 2 paras), and Tad is handing out 6 boxes of candy (2 teachers, 2 paras, one speech therapist, and Auntie.  He was quite insistent that Auntie deserved her own box of candy.  I’m going to mark it: To “Miss Othmar“).

The boys’ Valentines are done (Rerun’s teacher wanted them all in today, probably so they can be sorted early), and Ane and I are still working on hers.  I was dreading next year, when all four kids would be in school for Valentine’s Day, and then I realized that Ane will be in junior high, and I won’t have to provide Valentines for a class party!  Yaaaaaaaay!!!

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