Flashback Friday

Tomorrow is a big day for Ane!  She and Auntie are flying out at the crack of dawn to…. visit Ressis and Oddball and the little cousins in upstate New York for midwinter break!

Yes, we’re actually turning Ane loose under Auntie’s supervision.  (This picture is from Ane’s last cross country meet, last October.)

Auntie and Ane

Auntie is a seasoned traveler, after so many softball tournaments in college.  Ane last got on a plane almost two years ago, when we all flew to Washington DC to visit the Major and Q-Bee and the B Squad.  But I think she will enjoy this trip out with Auntie.  And at the other end…. this cute face!!! (Picture taken last November, when Ressis brought Little Hawk and Baby Cousin for a visit.)

Watching the game together

They will get some quality baby time, plus Ane will be totally mobbed by Little Cousin and Little Cowgirl, who are going to be so thrilled to have her staying with them!  (Little Hawk probably could not care less, but Ane knows how to handle little boys.)

So, say a prayer for safe travels for them, and for Tad, as he has to make do without his big sister for a week.

One Response to “Flashback Friday”

  1. Ressis
    February 12th, 2016 04:06

    Little Hawk might surprise us. Auntie and Ane are names and faces he seems to remember from our visit, and if how he treated Mom and Dad visiting is any indication he’ll love having more people around to read him books and pal around with. He might be a bit over the top goofy for a day or so, but he’ll calm down. And warn Ane that he’s very protective of Baby Cousin. 😉

    Can’t wait!!!!