Build A Batcave

This was all of Tad’s wildest dreams come true.  First, it’s the set he’s always wanted LEGO to make.  Second, he can actually afford it after raking in the LEGO gift cards for his birthday!

The big huge Batcave set

This set is a 1966 Batcave set, complete with Batmobile, Batcopter, and the study of Wayne Manor that has the poles that slide down into the Batcave.  And it’s 2,526 pieces.

Posing with his box

He could not wait to tear into it when we got home!  (I made him write some thank-you notes first.  Good manners are more important than a Batcave.)

There was a lot in the box.  It was big…

Pour it out

… and heavy…

Still coming

… and FULL.

Is that all?

Good thing I only get called on to do these days is find an occasional missing piece and put on stickers!

Oh my

After a few hours of assembly (we had drag him away to go celebrate Gichan’s birthday), this was the beginning:

The 1966 Batmobile

I’m sure this is all he will be able to think about for the next few days.

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