Art of the Week – Hot Air Balloon

I would like to ride in Tad’s beautiful balloon.

The hot air balloon and basket were drawn on a separate piece of paper, colored with colored pencils (which were then smudged up and “painted” with baby oil to give it a smoother and more painted effect.  Baby oil on colored pencils!  Who knew?), and then cut out.  The background paper was done with pastels (not sure if they were oil or chalk, but I think oil), and then the balloon and basket were attached to the background paper with what I call “dimensionals” when I do my rubber stamping – pieces of foam sticker that give the art a 3-D effect.  The basket’s ropes to the balloon are actually drawn on the background paper.

And the weather here was so picture-perfect warm that it reminded me that very soon, it will be hot air balloon season around here.  I remember many nights playing in the backyard at home, watching the hot air balloons overhead.  The kids enjoy looking for them now, when they are at Grandma and Gichan’s house on summer evenings.

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