Art of the Week – Skull Sketch

Mondays are Tad’s “art day.”  Not only does he have art class at school (thanks to block scheduling, he has art on Mondays and Thursdays for 2 hours, and on Wednesdays for about 45-ish minutes), but he also spends his entire evening at the art studio.  We’re all still getting used to the new studio (adult students and teachers included), but it’s quickly becoming one of Tad’s happy places.

It’s also a convenient spot to actually work on his sketchbook homework.  His next sketch? “Draw a skull in a setting – cannot be floating in midair.”

Um, we don’t own a skull?  And the point of these sketches is to draw from real life.  Then I remembered… the art studio probably has a skull.

And I was right!

I really love watching Tad work.  And the finished product certainly showed his effort.

This week, Tad will probably finish his first major art project from his new class.  I can’t wait to see it and share it!

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